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Gastro Card

We can provide you the best dining card that gives you privileges, and discounts up to 50%!

If you like going to restaurants this is just for you! Discover the best places with the best prices. Bring your friends with you and try the most exquisite places. Our main partners are TGF Fridays, Planet sushi, Tacos Locos, Manna Lounge, and Puli. They have 20-50% discounts for you, and 10 other traditional Hungarian restaurants have a special offer where you can try our traditional dishes like gulyás soup, goose liver, stuffed cabbage and many more!






30 more restaurants offer the same benefits: international, Italian, Mexican food at a Michelin star restaurant. Bars with 50% discount like Lisztro serve cocktails all year long!

Silver Gastro Card for 6 months, for 2 people

60€  26€

Silver Gastro Card for 1 year, for 2 people

      80€  50€

Gold Gastro Card for 6, months for 4 people

    75€  40€


Gold Gastro Card for 1 year, for 4 people

100€  65€

If you are interested, please contact us at

T.G.I. Friday's Oktogon                    
BOCANOVA CENTRO                        
Manna Lounge & Restaurant             
Planet Sushi Oktogon                       
Ristorante Krízia                              
Mátyás Pince                                   
Bajai Halászcsárda                           
Fuji Japán Étterem                           
Nika Étterem                                   
Imázs Club & Restaurant                  
Rose Restaurant                              
Tacos Locos                                     
Lisztro Bor Gasztró Bisztró                
Gyradiko Estia                                  
Gyradiko Taverna                             
Bécsiszelet Vendéglő József krt.         
Új Tündérkert Étterem                      
Dorottya Cafe                                   
Sugar Bowling & Pub                         
Művész Kávéház                               
BocaDolce Cukrászda                             


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