Guest Student House

let us introduce the most unique international dormitory of Budapest!
We have more than 85 place for the academic year 2018/19 and we are ready to host you ALL International Students from 2019 February!

Short term contract is also possible !

PHONE/VIBER/WHATSAPP : +36 30 183 19 44


we are taking care of international students for years, have huge experience in this area.
We would like to host you as a family member and provide you : your best time here.
This is not just a dormitory, this is an international community a big family in Budapest.
For us your happiness is the first!

Duna Plaza shopping mall
10 min with public transportation
Grocery stores
5 min walk
5 min walk and in the building also!
5 min walk
10 min walk
25 min with public transportation


Fully equipped, bright dorms in the best location, just for you!
We have 33 rooms apartments with 2 or 3 or 4 bedded rooms.


1 bed + bed linen + 1 table + 1 chair + 1 wardrobe / person.
We have rooms for girls, and rooms for boys.

If you require we can arrange coeducated rooms !


1.) monthly rent
2.) wireless internet
3.) monthly utilities
4.) monthly common cost
5.) job opportunities word wide
6.) cleaning in the common areas DAILY
7.) party tickets weekly
8.) sightseeing tour
249 euro or 75.000 huf / month - ALL INCLUDED & no hidden cost - NO MORE AVAILABLE !!!
2 bedded
229 euro or 70.000 huf/ month - ALL INCLUDED & no hidden cost - NO MORE AVAILABLE !!!
3 bedded
219 euro or 65.000 huf/ month - ALL INCLUDED & no hidden cost - 5 MORE LEFT !!! ( it means place for 15 person)
4 bedded
199 euro or 60.000 huf/ month - ALL INCLUDED & no hidden cost - 5 MORE LEFT !!! ( it means place for 20 person)
5 bedded
179 euro or 55.000 huf/ month - ALL INCLUDED & no hidden cost - 5 MORE LEFT !!! (it means place for 25 person)

by living in our dormitory you can get over 100 discounted services, such as :
- Hungarian language school
- 1 trip monthly in Hungary
- 1 trip monthly to European countries
- sightseeing tour
- car rental services
- Legal background
- SIM card
- mobile phone
- monthly ticket
- semester ticket
- club card
- health insurance
- accident insurance
- interpreter
- Official administration
- more information at:
We also take care of your carreer, and if you wish we can offer you:

- professional career advisement
- job opportunities
We build colourful community:

We take care of building a strong international community where we help each other!
By organising free events and by developing our services following your comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Q :How can you apply?
A: Send an e-mail with your full name and date of arrival to
Write in title of your e-mail : BOOKING A PLACE IN GUEST STUDENT HOUSE
2.) Q : What is the minimum renting period?
A : The minimum renting period is 3 month!

3.) Q: What is the earliest date when I can move in ?
A: The earliest date is : 2019.02.01. !
4.) Q: Are the rooms coeducated?
A : No, we have rooms for girls and rooms for boys separated. But for your demand we can open mixed rooms.
5.) Q: Are the kitchen fully equipped?
A : Yes, the kitchen is fully equipped.
6.) Q : Does the dormitory has washing machine? Is the washing included in the price?
A : Yes, all the apartments in the dormitory has washing machines and their usage are included in the price.

7.) Q: Is there any extra or hidden cost above the renting price?
A : No, there is no hidden or extra cost above the renting price!

8.) Q: What is the amount of the deposit? Do I get it back at the end of my renting period?
A: The amount of the deposit is 2 month. Yes you get it back in case if you did not do any damage in the apartments.

month (September) rent.
9.) Q: Is the cleaning included in the price?
A : Yes, the DAILY ( on the working days) CLEANING IN THE COMMON AREAS ARE INCLUDED - BUT you should keep it clean in meanwhile your stay here, especially the common areas.
10.) Q: When exactly the renting period ends?
A : Depending on your contract.

11.) Q: Can I check the dormitory personally?
A : Yes you can check it at the visiting hours for BME Students, for more info please contact
Write in the title of your e-mail : VISITING PERSONALLY.
12.) Q: Can I get official accommodation papers for my visa?
A: Yes, in case if you are here in Budpest already, write a message to +36 30 183 19 44 (via SMS or via Whatsapp).
In case if you are not in Budapest yet, please write an e-mail to , with the title of your e-mail : VISA.

13.) Q: Is the dormitory safe?
A : Yes, we have a camera system, and safety guides at the night periods all day.

14.) Q: What is the steps for booking a place?

A: STEP 1.) Write an e-mail with your full name and your date of arrival and the prefered room (2 or 3 or 4 bedded) to .
Write in title of your e-mail : BOOKING A PLACE IN GUEST STUDENT HOUSE

STEP 2.) : You will receive back a signed contract and paying information from

STEP 3.) Please send us the deposit via bank transfer and print out the contract and sign it and send it back to .
Please attach also the copy of your bank transfer.
Write in title of your e-mail : SIGNED CONTRACT + COPY OF BANK TRANSFER.

STEP 4.) We vertify your booking with a vertification e-mail and you can arrive to us from 2019.02.01.

So what are you waiting for?
Book now for your best semester

You can moove in from 2019. February 01. :-)
Group booking for universities at :

Booking invidually below, by sending us this form!